Applications Are OPEN


The application is a six (6) page document and you must use the current application.

1. Pages 1 and 2 of the application is the INFORMATION FOR PARENT/GUARDIAN to read and keep.

2. Pages 5 and 6 of the application is the INFORMATION FOR SUPPLIERS to read and keep.

3. Page 3 is the APPLICATION FOR HEARING AID(S) AND/OR ASSISTIVE LISTENING DEVICE(S) and must be filled out completely.

4. Page 4 is the STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSES and must be filled out completely.

5. Mail the following to the HIKE Board member listed on the bottom of page 2.  PLEASE SEND U.S. MAIL REGULAR or PRIORITY but DO NOT REQUEST A SIGNATURE.

Completed pages 3 & 4
Letter from Parents/Guardian requesting Assistance
Copy of last years Federal Income Tax Return pages 1 & 2
Copy of recent pay stub for each wage earner
Recent Audiogram
Itemized cost quotation from supplier

6. Within two weeks, the parent/guardian will receive a letter saying 

the application is complete or
the application is incomplete and what is missing or
the application is rejected and the reason for rejection.

7. If the application is complete, it will be sent to the HIKE Board Audiologist and, if approved, will be sent to the HIKE Board Treasurer.

8. The Board Treasurer will send a letter to parent/guardian giving the amount of the grant and approximately length of time before funds will be available.

9. When the funds are available, the awards check (made payable to the supplier) will be sent to a Job’s Daughter representative in your area for presentation with a copy of the letter sent to Parent/Guardian. They will contact the Parent/Guardian to make arrangements for the presentation.



HIKE is a very special endowment fund, created in 1986 by  Job's Daughters International to provide hearing and/or assistive listening devices to children in need - Kids Helping Kids. Job's Daughters International is an organization for young women between the ages of ten and twenty who are related to a Master Mason.

Children under the age of twenty who have been identified as 1) having a need for a hearing aid or an assistive listening device and 2) having a financial need can benefit from HIKE. Applicants with a documented hearing loss are considered without regard to sex, race, religion, color, or creed. Each application is weighed on its own merit, and the application requires a letter from the applicant's family which is an important part of the application. Considerations include family income, size of household, burdensome medical expenses for the applicant, and the cost of the hearing technology requested.

Funds raised for HIKE are collected almost entirely by young women across the United States who are members of Job's Daughters - there are no salaried fund raisers! With the guidance of their adult workers, Job's Daughters seek pledges for "hikes," sell baked goods, participate in rock-a-thons, sponsor dinners, and develop many other creative fund-raising ideas to support the work of the HIKE Fund.


Who to contact if you need help

The HIKE Fund, Inc.
c/o HIKE Board Executive Secretary
530 Elliott Street
Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503-0202

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